Bureau County  
Clerk and Recorder
Our recording office accepts all different types of documents for recording.  All real
estate-related documents are recorded along with liens, military discharges, UCC's, and

Our standard recording fee for documents (deeds, deed of trust, mortgages, amendments,
assignments, and releases) that fulfill the statutory requirement is
$47.00 for the first four pages.

The $47.00 recording fee includes:
- $10.00 rental housing surcharge put in place by the State of Illinois.         
(Not applied to documents associated with Government entities)
- $22.00 fee for the GIS system approved by the Bureau County Board.
- $ 3.00 fee for Recorder's Document Storage.

Other additional fees include:
- Additional pages and attachments -- $1.00 per page
- Multiple instrument number references  - $1.00 per reference after the first reference
- Reference to property legal description by document number  -- $1.00 per reference
- Multiple assignments  --  $7.00 per assignment
- Transfer Tax on sold property - $1.50 per $1,000.

Plat of new subdivision -- $85.00
( need 1 original and 4 copies of plat, all with original signatures and school district certification)

Federal Liens recorded for one name is $23.00/ $1.00 per each additional name
State Liens recorded for one name is $11.00/$1.00 per each additional name

Certified copy of document recorded is $15.00 for first 4 pages, $1.00 per page for
additional pages

Non-standard (non-conforming)document --
additional $12.00 for the first four pages and additional $1.00 per page/or double the recording
fee and subtract $35.00

All deeds must include:
* a complete legal description;
* a statement of exemption or transfer tax declaration form;
* name and address of  --
-  the preparer
- who to return the document to
- taxpayer;
* notary date/seal/signature;
* parcel identification number (PIN#)

Other types of documents recorded at a fee of $37.00
* Articles of incorporation/ change of reg. agent, etc.
* Judgments/ memo judgments/ release of memo judgments
* Notice of Probate
* Power of Attorney
* Wills
* Buyer or seller of property a government body
* Transcripts from a will or death certificate

Access to property records online can be found at

or to purchase allowed time on searching for documents,                             
information can be found at
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