The fee for a record search of birth and marriage certificates is $18.00 . A
death record search is $22.00. If a record is found, a certified copy will be
issued for the search fee stated above.  If the record qualifies as a
record and is to be used for genealogical purposes, we will issue a non-certified
copy of the record. The non-certified copy is $10.00.

To qualify as a genealogy record the marriage record needs to be prior to 1967,
birth record has to be prior to 1942 and death record needs to be prior to 1997.
To apply for a genealogical copy of a record, please contact our office to order.
If you wish to find a genealogical copy of a document, visit our website
for genealogy at  To order a marriage,
birth, or death record you find on the website, please call 815-875-2014 and ask
for Sarah.  

If you would like additional certified copies at the time of your request,we will issue
the additional copies for $ 4.00 each for birth and marriage records. Additional certified
copies of death certificates are $ 8.00 each.

If you would like to request a vital records search, you may do so either in person,
by mail or through the
Internet. An application will need to be completed along
with showing proof of identity.

An application is available at this website for you to print. You may
select this page at
application form.  Please forward this application
and fee [we accept checks, money orders or cash] along with a copy of
your identification (driver's license copy) to:

Bureau County Clerk
700 South Main St., Rm. 104
Princeton, IL 61356
Bureau County
Clerk and Recorder
Vital Records
Looking for more research help??
Bureau County has a local genealogical society.  They have a vast
collection of Bureau County family histories along with cemetery
records, newspaper records, census records, and much more. The
Genealogical Society's website is

The earliest records we have begin in 1837 for marriage
records, 1878 for both birth and death records. It was not
State Law until 1916 to record birth and death events. If you
are unsure of the location of the event, please email detailed
information to us and we will do a preliminary search to
confirm location. Email us at
You may request vital records through the Internet using a credit card.   
Please click on the link below and follow the instructions.
 You must
fax or email a confirmation page along with
your identification for the request to be
. Our fax is 815-879-4803 and the vital records
email address is

Application form for
vital record